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Live in London Darlings!

Darling creatures, I can not express how excited I am to finally have the opportunity to sing to actual people in real life on Saturday 22nd May at Temple of Art and Music (TAM) in London town after many, many months of lockdown life here in the UK. I think this is quite possibly the longest I have ever gone without playing some kind of gig, planned or impromptu ever. So quite frankly I can not bloody wait to see you all.

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I stumbled across TAM in October 2020 when I went to see my talented friend Mark Kavuma (who you can hear playing trumpet rather magnificently on my album Annabelle Serpentine) and his band The Banger Factory. I was instantly struck by TAM's warm effervescent atmosphere, the vintage trinkets and yes, a piano converted into a prosecco bar. Surely this venue was made for me? 'I must play here' I thought to myself.

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Well... you know what happened. Let's not mention the C word! Like most singers, songwriters, musicians, dancers and dreamers I have literally been counting down the days until I am able to play live gigs again. Let's face it, we've all had a rough time whatever your occupation and I can not thank you enough for your unwavering support. Thanks so much to everyone who has already ordered a limited edition, signed and numbered CD copy of my album Annabelle Serpentine. It has really lifted my spirits during these times to be sending my music out all over the world. If you don't have a CD yet and would like one (of course you do) then order yours right HERE.

Captured by Graham Eveleigh at Brixton's 414 Club

For my forthcoming gig ay TAM, Saturday 22nd May I have been preparing something special and totally unique for you which I can not wait to share. As well as serenading you with tunes from my album Annabelle Serpentine and freshly re-imagined incarnations of the Endeavour More Soundtrack (as composed and performed for series one, episode 4 Home as nightclub singer Lila Pilgrim) I will be debuting a new sound involving multi instrumentalist Artie Zaitz, playing glorious jazz guitar and heavenly hammond organ and drum 'n' bass producer/drummer Septabeat on... you guessed it... Drums and bass. So its a little bit jazz and a little bit live drum and bass and little bit something else ... It's going to be delicious!

Tickets start at £15 and are priced according to how close you sit to the stage. You can choose your seats with the colour coded seating plan provided on the purchase page. For tickets please click the linky link below:

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To sample the vibe of this wonderful venue check out my interview with legendary blues singer and David Bowie collaborator Dana Gillespie for her Globe Trotting with Gillespie show which was recently shot at TAM. Enjoy!

Much love and I look forward to seeing you soon my beautiful creatures!


Rachel xxx

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